We’ll deliver your delicious, healthy supper box to your door FREE, anywhere in Central Bristol. (*see delivery radius below)

If you are signing up for a Chef’s Selection or Family Box subscription, you can choose to have your meals delivered either in biodegradable/recyclable packaging or in even more environmentally friendly re-usable pyrex dishes - the zero-waste option.  If you choose the zero-waste option, we do ask for a deposit on the dishes which we will return if you decide to switch to biodegradable/recyclable packaging or you terminate your subscription. The zero-waste option is not available for one-off orders or for freezer boxes.

If you are likely to be out when your delivery is made, you can leave instructions for us to leave your food in a particular place or with a neighbour.  If the food is going to be left for more than an hour, we recommend that it is placed in an insulated container.  If you have one, you can leave it out for us.  Alternatively, we can lend you one.  Again, we do ask for a deposit which we return when the container is returned.

FREE DELIVERY within 3 miles from Cotham!

If you live outside our delivery area we may still be able to help.  Call us to discuss 07910 765 649 or email