About Us

We cook gorgeous vegan food in our Cotham kitchen and we deliver it to our customers in Bristol.  Vegan food, properly cooked, is delicious, healthy and good for the environment and the animals we share it with. It can take a little more time, thought and effort than cooking with conventional animal-based ingredients but that’s what we’re here for.

We believe that eating vegan food should be as normal as eating any other food - and at least as delicious.  Many restaurants now offer vegan options. Some are ok, but more often than not, it is the vegetarian option without the cheese, which leaves very little!

Rather than starting with a meat or dairy-based dish and taking something out, we start from a different place. In a Miller Green dish, the vegetables are the stars. We don't use fake vegan meats and cheeses.  We just use plants, judiciously mingled with herbs and spices at every stage of the cooking process, layering flavour and texture. The result is a truly delicious, satisfying and healthy meal.

We don’t just cook for vegans – we cook for everyone.  Even if you enjoy meat and dairy products, our dishes fit happily into a diet which includes animal-based food. Our subscription service is designed to help people to make their diet healthier by upping their vegetable intake in a pleasurable and convenient way.

If you are tired after a long day at work or don't feel like cooking, we can help and we have a wide range of one-off and subscription option you can choose from.



Most of us eat more meat and dairy than is good for either us, animals or the planet.  The problem is, it tastes so good and satisfying veggie alternatives are often hard to find.   The inspiration for Miller Green was to create a range of dishes which were so good that anyone thinking of moving to a healthier, more sustainable diet would barely notice the absence of meat, eggs or dairy products – dishes which have enough character, flavour and texture to satisfy even the most dedicated meat-eater.



The better the ingredients, the better the dish. We source locally wherever we can and from fair-trade suppliers wherever possible. In season we use produce which we grow ourselves on the Miller Green allotment.